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they are for specialized tasks. lester holt, anything from where you are. >> reporter: you're talking about the fear and the children of people who heard explosions and shots last night. any of us who heard shots fired in anger know what a horrible sound that is. it takes a while to learn when it's coming your way. you don't know. that's what a lot of people heard last night with explosions and shots. i want to point out we have been watching police officers work so well together. different agencies. we know that typically their arrival is between agencies. they are united in purpose. keep in mind this community was attacked. the greater boston area attacked and the bombings on monday. then one of their own, a police officer at m.i.t., murdered, ambushed yesterday. another police officer, transit officer was serious ly wounded t the beginning of the chase. there is such a sense of purpose and dedication we are seeing from law enforcement agencies that all converged in watertown. fbi has taken the lead but they have all found a role. s.w.a.t. teams took various roles as they went through neighborhood
williams in our washington newsroom. no doubt a big step forward in this investigation. lester holt was on the street in boston when the photos went public at that very moment. he witnessed the start of what someone today called the first nationwide electronic crowd-sourced manhunt of the digital era. lester, good evening. >> reporter: brian, good evening. when the crowd watching us glommed onto the fact we were talking about pictures of suspects, the smartphones immediately came out. people started watching that video. one man said to me, i wish i knew them. the president was here just a few hours before we learned of the suspect. whether he knew about them or not is unclear. he had a message for whoever did this. we will find you. bostonians stood for hours in a line ten blocks long for a chance to publically share their sorrow and even their fears. >> i'm sickened by this. we live in such a free country and to have a sense of insecurity. ♪ >> reporter: inside the cathedral, tears flowed openly. >> we will rise in community. >> reporter: in what has become a ritual of large scal
, lester holt, part of our team here, is here tonight with the news of this day. lester? >> brian, this heavy police presence will be a way of life for boston residents for some time to come, but there were thousands of visitors here, spectators, they came to bear witness to a great sporting event. instead they are filing out of town having beared witness to terror. >> reporter: a runner, a camera strapped to her body with a view of the finish line on the horizon. a view that changes in an instant. it is one of countless images that captured the day, images authorities hope also captured the bombers. >> something just blew up. >> there has to be hundreds, if not thousands, of photographs or videos or observations that were made down at that finish line yesterday. and they're sitting out there amongst everyone that's watching this event this morning. >> i need officers. a secondary device! >> reporter: recordings of emergency radio traffic have been released. >> there's multiple people down! >> reporter: illustrating the urgency of yesterday's response. and today another of the dea
there. which would be to the right and down the hill. lester holt, can you lend anything more to this? >> reporter: there was high ranking police officers that came walking up the street after several police cars came by, i asked did you get them, did you get them, give me a thumbs up or down, and they gave me a stern look and kept going. the activity we've seen is going in many different directions. we have seen police cars go that way and that way as if they are creating a perimeter around what ever is happening. i saw an explosive disposal vehicle come this way. we did not hear the shot, but we saw the reaction. we saw police cars tear out of here. the crowd, we did not have a crowd all day because of the lockdown, but an hour ago, they lifted the lock down. people cheered the police officers when they saw them tear off. they understood or believed that maybe this was coming to an end. and so they actually cheered as the police cars went out of here. we are seeing emergency vehicles staging in that direction, in this direction and that direction perhaps consistent with fears of exp
brother ended up being killed. i want to bring in lester holt here. lester, the entire city of boston, greater boston now in lockdown and everybody being told to stay inside. what do you know right now? >> well, it sounds extraordinary. and it is. but you think about what this suspect number two has allegedly done over the last several days. a bombing that kills three, maims others and injures 170 and shoots a police officer in cold blood. shoots another police officer and wounds him. shoots at police, throws grenades and then holds a standoff, if you will, a shootout. it doesn't get any more desperate than that. and i think right now with this suspect cornered, they fear he could do anything with guns and explosives. we're seeing things here on the streets of watertown that i last saw on my last trip to afghanistan. s.w.a.t teams, not troops, but the same look, the same kind of movements, gingerly going around corners. gingerly objects that may or may not be explosives. a flurry of activity here in the last ten minutes or so. we saw an explosive ordinance and vehicles and converging
at the boston marathon. i want to go live now to lester holt who is in watertown with the very latest on the ground there. >> let's walk folks through the events. it began last evening with this disturbance at m.i.t. that required a police response. the police officer was met with several shots, he was shot and killed. a search along the river bank and a transit station across the river in boston. we're then told at some point in the evening the suspect believed from that shooting car jacked a vehicle from near a gas station and led police on a chase here to watertown, about four miles away, at some point in that chase, as police came over here, they were confronted with gunfire, we heard from some video that was shot by a resident, a prolong volley of gunfire, an exchange back and forth. an witness who was watching from his window described watching this activity, watching the two men firing at police, taking cover behind an suv and even throwing explosives in the direction of police. he described them as grenade-like devices. nevertheless, one of the suspects is reportedly has been
information you shared with us. i want to go lester holt with more on what's happening there on the ground. what can you tell us about what's happening right now? >> well, i can tell you more of what we don't know than we know. but they have set up this perimeter right here down from the scene where the explosions and sounds were heard earlier in the evening. witness accounts here of what people heard. but we haven't seen any sign of explosives here or smelled any gun powder. but watertown is about ten minutes or so from cambridge where that initial shooting of the police officer happened. this all broke during the 11:00 news, in fact, it was a bulletin on the local news here of this shooting at m.i.t. and then it slowly unfolded into multiple locations, police were staked out at a train station on the boston side. shortly after that we heard about the chase and the shootout and explosions here in watertown. residents are in the street right now trying to get a grip on what's happened. most people here have gone ahead and made the link that we've all been thinking about, whether this is re
for that account. i want to go now live to lester holt, who is on the ground in watertown, massachusetts. lester? >> reporter: well, mara, they're considering even locking down watertown while this suspect is still on the loose. behind me is the area they've roped off. inside, s.w.a.t. teams are methodically moving through the air yre area. number of concerns here. suspect number two, the suspect with the white hat. those photographs released by the fbi yesterday. there he is. he's a man on the loose, still believed to be armed and having engaged in the shootout with police here earlier this morning. the other concern is unexploded devices that were tossed from the vehicle, securing those. so for that reason, they have asked people to stay indoors. they said if anybody comes to their door, knocks on their door, don't answer but to call 911. the police chief said right now this is a public safety emergency. they're very concerned about the safety of the people in this community while this active investigation, this active search is under way for this very dangerous suspect. back at the scene, the
. >> lester holt in watertown, mississippi. before we go to pete williams, one question for richard engel. by the fact you have been around so many weapons and fire fights over the past ten years of your life. if you have been around any weapons, listening to the audio you can almost tell which ones are the .9mm reports and which one are the versions of the m-4 rifle. since the good guys had had, let's assume, laser sights, night vision, but also these good guys are not used to active connective fire fights. i'm surprised it didn't end with two dead suspects. >> i'm surprised it didn't end right there with that much gunfire. clearly there was a lot going down. you saw that one high velocity round that wednesday through the wall and soon in the reporter's calendar on the wall. how the other brother wasn't hit and wasn't killed in the scene is very remarkable. but if he was going fast and there was lots of cars in the way and it was nighttime, somebody missed him. >> nobody is finding fault. goodness knows it's the fog of war in an suburban environment. as promised to d.c. we go and pete wi
in the nation. lester holt, we are looking at this -- i feel sorry for the folks for their privacy. we are look at the google earth picture of the house. it's a daylight picture showing the trailered boat along the side yard. >> yeah. one of the fears, we understand, is they believe there is a full tank of gas on the boat. i'm not sure if it's diesel or not. you were talking about how he might have made the escape. number one the chopper wasn't up during the early hours of the morning because the ceiling was too low. they didn't have that heat signature ability, the ability to observe from the air until much later in the morning today. the other thing is when i got on scene yesterday, trying to find the very location i'm at, it was probably 2:00-something in the morning. there weren't perimeters like you have seen later in the day. you didn't have the police presence. yes, there were s.w.a.t. teams and units that chased the lice cars here. they hadn't cordoned off the area in a methodical way at that point. we were having trouble trying to find this location. we were close to where kerry is now
to lester holt in watertown this morning where this manhunt is unfolding. what's the latest? >> reporter: the police continue to tighten their grip on this area in which they believe suspect number 2 is holed up. a short while ago we saw two city buses full of boston police officers being brought in. that followed a parade of state police cars. they continue to add law enforcement here to really seal off avenues of escape based on the belief that the suspect is still in this area. i'm sorry. okay. it was a police officer yelling at a citizen on the street there. they basically have tried to cut off any avenue of escape. they've prevented traffic from coming in or leaving this area. also all of the other neighboring suburbs are in this lockdown situation. we're talking over 300,000 residents essentially sheltering in place. businesses have been asked not to open. it's one of the special operation vehicles here. part of the boston pd s.w.a.t. looks like a bomb disposal unit coming by here. one of the issues is getting unexploded ordnances off the streets because during this case when they
time. andrea, back to you. >> ron allen, thanks so much. and nbc's lester holt is live in watertown. lester, we've been saying but it can't be overemphasized, this is unprecedented. an entire metropolitan area, a major american city and all of its suburbs, shut down. no mass transit. everyone staying indoors at the behest of the governor, voluntarily, at the behest of the governor, their mayor and their state police. >> you know, andrea, i've been racking my brain, i've worked news in new york, san francisco, chicago, in the network over 30 years, i can't think of anything like this. 9/11 i remember them shutting the airplanes down. i've covered hostage situations, standoffs. nothing like this where a metropolitan area is put on hold. at first it sounds so bizarre. if you just think through the events that we have witnessed, it makes a lot of sense. here's two individuals who set these bombs that cut down innocent people, killed three, maimed others. 170, some odd people injured in all. they went on to kill, ambush a police officer, wound another police officer. shoot it out with ev
"rock center" at 10:00/9:00 central. i'm brian williams. lester holt will be here with you this weekend. we, of course, will look for you back here on monday night. in the meantime please have a good weekend. in the meantime please have a good weekend. good night. -- captions by vitac -- now. >>> good evening on this friday night i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm raj mathai. we begin with the latest on the investigation of a sexual assault on a 15-year-old teenager named audrie pott. she took her own life days after the attack. it is a troubling story we reported last night. our usual policy is not to identify the victims of sexual assault or suicide. but in this case her parents want her name and face to be shown in an effort to prevent this from happening to anyone else. we have several answers on how the sheriff's department has handled the investigation. we have information about a key piece of evidence. p marianne favro is with us tonight. we begin with monte francis in san jose. >> reporter: the three 16-year-old boys are being held here at juvenile hall. we have learn
will be here tomorrow. i'm lester holt reporting from new york. for all of us here at nbc news, new york. for all of us here at nbc news, goodnight. -- captions by vitac -- >>> my job now on this planet is to help people lie audrie pott before they get to that point. >> his message for other victims after the suicide of a south bay teenager. >> i'm kimberly terry live in san jose where the first road work will begin tomorrow morning on the b.a.r.t. extension. i'll tell you how drivers will be impacted coming up in a live report. >>> also, a piano store's swan song. why the owners decided to sell some stores and close others after nearly a century and a half in business. >>> good evening. i'm diane dwire. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. a big heads up for san jose commuters. tomorrow morning construction begins on the long awaited b.a.r.t. extension to the silicon valley. traffic will be impacted along haas tetter road between thicken jer and lundy avenues. kimberly terry is near the construction site with details on what drivers can expect as the project gears up. >> reporter: i'm
and will not be rescheduled. coming up later this morning on a special edition of the "today" matt lauer and lester holt are live in boston with all the late-breaking details on yesterday's deadly explosions. hear from a doctor who jumped in to help the wounded while waiting for his wife to cross the finish line. now keep it right here for more news, weather and sports. i'm richard lui. thanks for watching this special edition of "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. have a good one. . . >>> as soon as that second one went off, it was complete mayhem at that moment. >> it is a criminal investigation that has the potential, is a potential terrorist investigation. >> we will find out who did this and we will hold them accountable. >> we are going to get through this. >>> we will get through it together. looking live at san francisco. flags across the country at half-staff today. a sombre reminder of the terror at the boston marathon, less than 24 hours ago. good morning to you. i'm laura garcia cannon. >>> i'm jon kelley. a terrifying scene out there. more than 100 were
:30 on "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. >>> the sound of explosions this morning, the noise coming from a burning garage. several cars inside destroyed. we will hear from a man that lost his car in the fire. >>> plus, a spring avalanche in washington state. new developments in the search for a missing man. >>> and a broken promise, the >>> a woman is dead, the search for a missing man was called off after a pair of avalanches in washington state. they hit yesterday at snowqualmie pass east of seattle. they were found on red mountain in blizzard conditions and she died this morning. two managed to escape, but a 60-year-old man was still missing. the search was called off today because of poor weather conditions. >>> friends and family gathered in centerville today to celebrate the life of erin peterson, one of 32 people shot and killed in virginia tech in 2007. tuesday marks the sixth anniversary of the shooting. today peterson's family held its annual gospel concert at mount olive baptist church. it raises money for the erin peterson fund. that awarded money to aspiring college students
their moment of celebration. lester holt, now a conga line of heavily armored vehicles in the commonwealth coming out to applause. >> i may be punchy because i have gone 40-some hours without sleep -- [ applause ] >> i'm not sure what he's saying. but that's a boston p.d p.d. s.w.a.t. vehicle. >> thank you. it was a pleasure. it was a pleasure. >> reporter: thank you. it was a pleasure. he said, boston p.d., it was a pleasure. [ applause ] >> bpd! bpd! >> reporter: these were the stern-faced police officers we have seen with automatic weapons preparing for the worst. now they are basking in the applause of the crowd. as i said, i may be punchy from all these hours with no sleep here. i have a big grin on my face. this does take me back to one of the very few good memories of the time related around 911. that was when we recognized the hard job our first responders do. they got their credit. that's what we are seeing here in watertown tonight. it's a huge sigh of relief for these folks who were facing another difficult night with the threat of these crazed bombers in their midst. now it's o
lottery winners become losers, their millions gone. good evening. i'm lester holt. at dateline we're helping some big winners, hoping that won't happen to them. we've brought in donald trump who owns this incredible penthouse. he's got some sensible and surprising advice that can help anyone. here's natalie morales. ornls whenever lotto fever hits, people go crazy for tickets. you've probably already decided what you would do if you won. buy that dream house or car. quit your job. after all, who hasn't fantasized about wenting the lottery? for these three couples, those dreams are a reality. this woman split a $224 million jackpot. >> my daughter called, and she started screaming. we're rich. we're rich, we're rich. and she said oh, i'm sorry, you're rich. >> this couple one part of it 241 million. >> i had a friend call me and say are you a millionaire? and i said yes, i am. >> and this husband and wife won 128 million. >> i was just like wow, and then wow, and then a couple other choice words came out, holy, you know. >> we know. >> but there can be a down side to winning the lo
arrest is imminent or has been made seems to me to be wrong. >> let's check in with lester holt. lester, all day long we have this slow drip through various media sources of photos. photo of a portion after zipper found on the road. photo of a battery with leads and of course, yesterday we learned about these pieces instantly recognizable, if you know anything about pressure cookers, the electronic water mark on the base. the kind of -- the place where the leads and elements come in to all pressure cookers, so that's been the other part of piecing this together. >> brian, you have to give it to authorities, they got on this right away p n putting out that plea for pictures, in fact. they were at the airport, at logan airport two days ago as the runners began, i guess it would have been yesterday, as runners were leaving for their various homes, asking, do you have any video. do you have any pictures, taking a look at what people have reported. people have gotten into the spirit of this. they want to help. you look at tv and there is a parade of photos that people are contributin
. we also have lester holt following the day's development. lester, what do you have? >> it is interesting to watch the bad reporting ripple through the town and reaction of all of us and folks here. think about the reaction of whoever wanted the bombs with what they may be going through right now. and i say "they." any individual they saw place that bag, that's one person that could be part of one or more people involve involved. but this would provoke a reaction among those involved. we have been -- behind us is where they stage a lot of the tedious investigative work of picking up fragments. that kind of work goes on. the fbi notably in a statement saying they can have unintended consequences. that get back to the notion of what would the suspects do when they hear an arrest is imminent and how would it alter their plans. so you can understand their worry about all of this. >> lester, you talk about the fbi on their public statements and atf and bpd. and what do you see in a complex and fast-moving investigation. >> what we see are initials. as you noted, a lot of
hurt anyone. >> tonight the mystery of the man with so many faces. i'm lester holt, and this is "dateline," behind closed doors. here's mike taibbi. >> it was a brutal crime, buried over the years by dirt and lies, but there he was finally in a los angeles county courtroom to stand trial for it all. >> he came here with nothing, and then he ended up as a fake rockefeller. >> the world first came to know him as a phony rockefeller, who made headlines for duping a string of bright, if gullible women. >> they couldn't tell me who i was married to. >> as followers of his story came to know, he used his awed audacious talent for lying to live the good life. but was he something else, something darker, something evil? >> adds up to the picture of a guy who's probably committed a brutal homicide. >> those inside the investigation reveal how they assembled a case for murder from shards of evidence scattered over 28 years and thousands of miles. >> there really isn't a smoking gun. it's a lot of pieces to the puzzle. >> would the pieces come together to form a portrait of a
of bostonians. nbc's ann thompson and lester holt are live in boston and nbc justice correspondent pete williams is here with us in washington. you were in the cathedral, it was so moving to watch. tell me about that gathering and cardinal o'malley and the president and mayor menino and of course the governor. >> you know, andrea, it sort of ping-ponged from the memorial service to almost a pep rally for boston. i couldn't help but think as i watched mayor thomas menino stand, that he came to personify his city. he has been hospitalized for a respiratory infection and a broken leg. he stood today to deliver remarks and like his city, he has been wounded, but he is not down. and he told the world that boston is a city of courage, strength and compassion. and he said they will be back. and then when president obama spoke, i mean it really was almost like a pep rally. people were cheering, he got a couple of standing ovations. and especially when he said that they will come back, the world will come back and run the 118th boston marathon, which will happen next april, people just stood, i saw one m
in nbc's lester holt. lester, good morning again to you. >> yeah, you know, savannah, those who were the awakened by the gunshots, got a call telling them to stay put, stay in place. in some cases they really can't leave their blocks beyond a few blocks because there's police tape or police blocking varies streets. we're kind of at the edge of the action. this is the first perimeter you'll meet as you go into the center of town. much of what you've been seeing is just kind of a diagonal direction. but the entire region is shut down. it's something you don't see. as we had noted earlier, they shut down the boston transit system. there's no amtrack in and out of boston because of police activity. virtually shutting down any avenues of escape. at least as many as they can think of. we're told if you want to drive out of this town, that could be a problem as well. they want people off the street because what they're doing is so incredibly dangerous, going door-to-door in some cases, working through backyards, and they don't need the direction of people coming out who might be mistaken fo
. i'm lester holt reporting from new york. for all of us here at nbc news, goodnight. -- captions by vitac --
and yes, run again, of that i have no doubt. you will run again. >> lester holt, my friend is here. lester, i always do this as a journalist and somebody who used to work in politics. i love to figure out the headline of the next day. and i think we've got it here -- you will run again. i think the "globe" is owning that one. they might even degree this time, the "herald" and the "globe," your message about the president. >> he tapped into the city, he tapped into the spirit, we've all witnessed, those of us who have been here since the bombing on monday. i'm hearing the spirit right behind me. the crowd behind me couldn't watch for the most part of what was happening inside. few were huddled around their smartphones and radios. right now there's a choir that's working its way through the crowd they just finished singing "america the beautiful." i thought moment ago there were two things going on here. we're used to this ritual of american healing. our president speaking at these kinds of services. what's a bit different in this case from some others that we've seen is the perpetrator or p
of this bombing. lester holt is joining me as well here in boston, what else caught your attention, lester? >> matt, several officials have made a very specific plea to the public. they are asking for any media, any still pictures, any video that people may have shot right at the scene or very close by that might shed some light on who planted this device. several officials of these devices have made this plea. also one of the things that struck me was the fbi noting that we have interviewed people and that we will be interviewing other people. it may be your neighbor. it may be your friends. it may be you, basically telling us not to read too much into that but they are going to be talking to a lot of folks here. >> the boston police commissioner, edward davis, said that this is the most complex crime scene that they have ever been asked to process. it was 15 blocks in size. it's been now cut down to 12 blocks. it starts just behind where lester and i are sitting this morning on boylston street, going up to about five blocks to where the finish line was yesterday. the mayor of boston, tho
guthrie on this special edition of "today" on this saturday morning. lester holt and erica hill are in watertown, massachusetts, where that suspect was caught. >> this drama played out on television screens across the country, around the world and then residents who had finally been allowed to come out of their homes gathered on the streets last night. a spontaneous celebration. they cheered as dozens of police vehicles, first responders drove by them just moments after that capture. >> we cannot forget dozens of victims from monday's bombing at the marathon remain in hospitals around boston. we'll get an update on how they're doing coming up. first, let's go back to watertown. lester and erica are anchoring our coverage from there. good morning. >> over the course of this week thousands of federal, state and local police officers have responded converging on this area all with one goal in mind. that of course was to get those suspected terrorists. >> this all really began thursday night at least in terms of the last flurry of activity. it was 5:00 thursday when the fbi released
to make your dreams come true. >> the smell of money. >>> that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks for joining us. >>> this sunday a critical phase for the obama agenda -- guns, immigration, and can gridlock in washington be broken? my lead guest is the key gop player in the immigration debate, florida senator and prospective 2016 presidential candidate marco rubio. >>> also had morning the gun debate. high emotion as newtown families fight for tighter gun restrictions. what chance does a new compromise on background checks have are in a divided congress? >> what's more important to you? our children 0 are or an "a" gra grade? >> part of our political roundtable, with us democrat from new york senator kirsten gillibrand and republican from utah, senator mike lee. >>> finally, jackie robinson, baseball and race in america a. new film about his life is out this weekend. why his story is so meaningful even to a younger generation in the age of president obama. joining us for a special conversation jackie robinson's wife of 26 years, rachel robinson, and historian and documentary filmm
over the country to seek treatment at and today they became triage centers as well. lester holt is outside mass general where they had a briefing inside. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. mass casualties is what hospitals like this prepare for. when the doors opened three very badly injured people came in. they knew what to expect. before the evening was over 29 injured had been received here at massachusetts general who describe the injuries typically a lot of lower extremity issues, bones, tissue damage, shrapnel damage that came from metal pieces not able to identify whether they might be particles that were placed in the explosive or just surrounding debris. nonetheless, he said there were a number of amputations that were acquired here. six hospitals received the injured. all of them describing similar injuries of these lower extremity damages to the victims. dr. peter explained the personal toll this has taken on those that have treated the injured. >> it's just depressing. we takecare of accidents all the time. they are pretty brave. it's a terrible thing. most pat
lester holt. coming up, gabby reis is with us in the studio sharing her thoughts on exercising through pain and dealing with tabloid press. she's here in the studio to talk about her unorthodox approach to marriage including the recent comments about being a submissive wife. >>> jackie robinson broke down baseball's color barriers more than 65 years ago and now his dramatic story has been brought to life on the big screen. we'll tell you more about that coming up. >>> with weather warming up, it's time to get started on indoor and outdoor home improvements. new products out there aimed at making your projects a little easier. >>> later, the jodi arias trial. there's been drama extending beyond the courtroom into social media. we'll bring you the latest on that. >>> justin bieber, the teen pop star, endorsing a new debit card aimed at young fans. using it turns out could cost parents more than they bargained for. >>> first, let's get a check of the weather from dylan. >> good morning, everyone. we have a lovely crowd here and are you recording right now because we're recording you? >> g
.w.a.t. team members and people in camouflage. lester holt is on the scene for us. lester, tell us what you are seeing. >> when i got here very, very early this morning, there was a police officer that was giving a very informal briefing and he indicated there were two outstanding individuals and that jives with what we are hearing now that there might be accomplices here. we are reduced to reading tea leaves because it's unto travel around the neighborhoods and a lot of them are blocked off. the tea leaves with the movements of officers. s.w.a.t. vans and explosive vehicles going to a particular area. it's hard to read whether they are going off intelligence, a hunch, or trying to be methodical. another thing to keep in mind in the very, very early hours, there was still the perimeter that was not set. there was a lot of confusion and cars backing down the street and going around and the police officers did not block off all the streets. there was that window where the suspect might have been able to escape. he got into a stolen vehicle, the car that was carjacked, the suv and pushed his w
. >> we've had some in-depth coverage. we begin with nbc's lester holt, we flew in yesterday afternoon. you've been on the ground trying to talk to people. >> it's fair to say this city, this country waking up to a new sense of vulnerability. lots of reports of suspicious packages and the like. the last leg of the race runners refer to it as heartbreak hill and none of us knew how heartbreaking the day would turn out. terror on the streets of boston. day of inspiration turned into a living nightmare. >> there's multiple people down here, okay. i don't know what the cause is. stand by. >> reporter: as two explosions went off within seconds of each other near the finish line of the boston marathon. >> have the bomb squad called. >> i knew immediately it was a bomb, you could smell it, it was like a gun powder smell. >> reporter: for runners prepared to celebrate the end of a 26-mile race, it was an incredible turn of events with emergency workers rushing to the scene at copley square, working fast to save injured athletes and spectators. >> i was carrying somebody who lost both of their
to say hello, and thank you at home as well, for joining us. outside on the plaza, i'm lester holt along with erica hill and dylan dreyer and jenna wolfe. >>> still to come, barbie and body image. we've seen the comparisons before, about whether she's anatomically correct. how does the doll stacked up when placed side by side with an average woman? experts hope the comparison will help girls and women who struggle with their body image. >>> also, if you're like most of us, and i definitely think the four of us fit this category, we are constantly connected. you'll never see us without one, if not two, phones in our hands. when you have the access all the time to the internet, have you wondered how safe the connection is? whether it's your home connection or public wi-fi. we'll have tips on protecting your private information. >>> speaking of technology, nbc's hit show "revolution," it takes place in a world where computers, phones, lights, even cars have mysteriously blacked out forever. one of the show's stars, elizabeth mitchell, drops by to tell us what we can expect this season. >>>
own perimeter and this is all the folks that weren't needed down there. lester holt, anything over that police radio? >> no. nothing at all. they seem to be holding this now as one of the perimeters. >> we're back here. a simulcast with brian williams and pete williams. you and i were getting unconfirmed reports of a boat with a body in it. >> there is a boat with what looks like a body under a blue tarp on the last house on franklin street in watertown. we hadn't had that confirmed. pete williams has not completely confirmed that yet. it appears that they have surrounded the area. people standing outside just now on our camera don't appear terribly concerned. we don't have an identification of this body so we don't know if this is the suspect or some other citizen. but -- so that is one question. right now, by the way, just looking at the white house picture behind you, there's a tornado warning. >> i can hear it. >> we are getting august weather. >> the white house, as you can see, is working behind you and in that white house within an hour or so we understand the president spok
more. i think i heard my colleague lester holt on the other side of town, where they gathered on the streets, they heard there was gunfire and they thought at that point they had taken the suspect and either taken him into custody or he was dead, that there was cheering there because of a sense of relief. not cheering for the death or assume the assumed death, but the sense of, wow, it is over. >> let's go to nbc news terror expert. roger, we are told the suspect has been taken and is alive and in custody. so the question now is what happens next? >> chris, as you said, it is remarkable and incredibly good news. first thing they are going to do is question him. try to get to the bottom of the fundamental question, why? why did you do it. who else did you work with? were there any other explosive devices in places that the police have not identified them yet. they will begin that process. you mentioned earlier about a tweet from senator graham about not going through the civilian judicial process. it is inconceivable to me that the administration would do this. so i expect him
and that search warrant was related to the investigation. i want to mention i'm joined by lester holt here in boston, we're on boylston street, about five blocks from the finish line of the marathon. the news conference will be held this morning at the westin hotel, not far from where we are. it will be a crowded room with members of the media from boston, across the country, and around the world, of course, people here covering this event and runners from their countries. it will be crowded in terms of officials as well. lester we're hearing as many as nine local officials and federal officials will be addressing the press. >> fbi is taking the lead in this investigation, what we've been told they are starting from square one. there was nothing intelligence wise on the radar and we should note that the mayor is in a wheelchair. >> thomas menino broke a leg at an event saturday. we're expecting to hear from richard deloriere, the governor there and the u.s. attorney carmen ortiz. >> everyone, thank you for coming. less than 24 hours after yesterday's act of terror, we wanted to organize a
the quality is not so good on the ground level pictures. >> and pete, lester holt is watching and listening where i understand almost concurrent with the moment these >> if there was any question about the wisdom of what the fbi is doing, it was answered right here on the street corner. brian, we draw a crowd, news media parked along here. people come, watch what we do. overheard these pictures are being released, asked what was going on. immediately the smartphones came up. as i speak right now, there are people widening out the picture, zooming in as two men said to me, we wish we knew them. that's the kind of spirit we've seen in boston. people want to help. when that call went out to provide pictures and video, people immediately began scouring their cameras. and right now, they're scouring their smartphones and computers. they want a good look at these two individuals to see if maybe they have seen them. that, of course, the whole point of the fbi releasing the suspect photos today trying to jog memories. only a few blocks from where those bombings occurred, it's quite possible one or
an arrest has been made seems to be at this point to be wrong. >> let's check in with lester holt. he is up in boston where we were yesterday. lester, all day long we have had this slow drip through media sources of photos. a zipper found on the road, a battery with leaves. yesterday we learned about the pieces instantly recognizable if you know anything about pressure cookers, the water mark on the base. the place where the elements come into all pressure cookers. that's been the other part of piecing this together. >> reporter: brian, you have to give it it to authorities. they got on this right away to put out that plea for pictures. they were at the airport as the runners, many of them were leaving for their various homes, asking, do you have any video or pictures and taking a look at what people recorded. people have gotten into the spirit of this. they want to help. you watch local tv and it's been a parade of photos people are contributing that may or may not point out something of significance. since you were here, they have reduced the area of the neighborhood that is blocked off.
's begin with new details on the deadly attack at the boston marathon. lester holt joins me once again here in boston. >> matt, good morning. the investigation moving on so many different levels, everything from looking at surveillance levels along the route, cameras that might have captured something. important developments overnight. we want to catch you up on search warrants, apparently issued in revere, massachusetts. searched an apartment, questioned two men. not described as suspects. first of two possible leads that police will be following up as they try to put the pieces degree. three dead, including an 8-year-old child. 160 people at least taken to area hospitals. one doctor described to me last night as the injuries being lower extremity issues. amputati amputations, muscle damage from sha shrapnel put in explosive devices. and crime scene, stretches a mile three blocks wide, the area of boston closed off indefinitely. that means businesses and some homes that people cannot get to. the rest of boston will be up and running. transit passengers will be warned there will be random s
in an interfaith prayer service to honor the victims of monday's bombing. nbc's lester holt is there. good morning to you. >>. >> reporter: savannah, behind me, the cathedral of the holy cross. we're expecting to see the president and the first lady any moment form the service here is called healing our city. this cathedral seats about 2,000 people. most everyone has taken their place. half the seats have been reserved for the general public. people were lining up early this morning. ten blocks longs. the other half reserved for dignitaries, including mitt romney, along with other former governors and dignitaries, and first responders. the president we're told likely after the service will have time to visit with some of the injured as well as families. whether that takes place here or whether he makes a visit to one of the hospitals is a little unclear. not unlike what the president did just four months ago in sandy hook, where he is extending his condolences, and offering his words of comfort to a grieving and very shocked city. there are people who are lined along the streets here, waiting to g
tsarnaev in waterton, massachusetts. the stepson of the man who found him on the boat spoke with lester holt on the "today" show. >> david was walking around in the backyard. he noticed as the wind had picked up that the tarp was loose on the boat, which was not normal. walked over for a closer glimpse and noticed one of the retention straps had been cut. it hadn't worn, it hadn't come free. it was literally cut. there was a small amount of blood on the tarp from what i understand. he then took his stepladder that he used to usually inspect the boat -- >> didn't dawn on him that somebody might be in him. >> no one and one made two at that point. >> what does he see? >> he looks inside just under the tarp, ceasees a small pool blood. >> pretty extraordinary. what happened next prompted all these headlines pretty much everywhere across the country. the san francisco chronicle has the the the headline week of terror ends. and the daily courier has simply "we got him." joining me is michael sul vlivs i want to talk about something i got in terms of a note that was handed to me talking about
is they can find this guy as soon as possible. let's go live now to lester holt who joins us. i believe he is in walkertown. lester? >> i'm working with a pretty experienced crew and all of us are shaking our heads not having seen anything like this. an entire community shut down and transit system and schools shut down for the search of one suspect but what a dangerous suspect he is. suspect number two the white hat man from the fbi photo on the loose. they believe in this area in this community which is why nothing is coming in or getting out. we got here in the wee hours of the morning. there were still some movement and shortly after the shooting and movement in and out but they have essentially locked down this community. asking people to shelter in place. don't come to their door. if someone comes to their door, they should call 911. we have been watching not far from us via another camera we have seen s.w.a.t. teams moving methodically through neighborhoods which is why they don't want anybody on the streets and they don't want accidents or mistakes or distractions. on a hair trigge
's lester holt. he's at the scene now in watertown, massachusetts. leicester, good morning to you. >>> good morning, savannah. i don't think i have started many reports like in in my career but i don't know where to start. so much has taken place since last evening when the photos were shown of the suspects. the headline right now, one is dead, one is on the loose. i'm on the edge of a 20-block area that is essentially frozen. five communities are essentially in lockdown right now as they look for suspect number 2. he was the one seen in the white hat in that photo released. let me walk you back and describe what happened last night. there was a shooting at m.i.t. in cambridge. a police officer essentially ambushed. he was shot and killed believed by the two bombers. there was then a robbery. then a car jacking in which they couple an tkaoerd the police, led police on a wild chase about four miles away. during that drive they reportedly were throwing out explosive devices at police. they finally ended up on the east side of watertown. they tried to make their stand. they engaged in a shoot-
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